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Surf Shop - is a blog all about surfing, events, and surfing as a life style
Barbados At you will find everything you need to know about surfboard fins,including fin design, fin installation, fin repair, fin systems and more
  Tel 1-416-351-1403
All About Surfboards All About Surfboards is an online guide to surfboards, surfboard design and surf accessories.
  Tel 1-416-351-1403
Hawaii North Shore Surf Reports / Videos / Pics
Surf Lessons, Surf Tours, and more!
Honolulu, Hawaii
  Robin & Keli Cypriano
JBrother Maui, Hawaii
Surf Shooter Hawaii Professional Surf Photography for the Non-Professional Surfer
PMB 211 590 Farrington Hwy #210
Kapolei, Hawaii
  Fax_#: 808.676.4859
  Cell_#: 808.382.0456
  South Shore Surf Co.
Claudia Ferrari is my personal page with North Shore surfing daily news with photos.
P.O. BOX 643
  Haleiwa, Hawaii
  Tel_#: 2931246
  Fax_#: 2931246
Sennen-Cove UK - Surfing Lifestyle
Mellowwave is a UK based website with all sorts of intresting surf infomation.
  United Kingdom
South Africa
South African Surfing Experience South Africa
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