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More useful and surf-stoke features: SurfersD continues to grow as a directory for surfing news; surf competition results and videos; a mag-rack for surfing sites and e-zines; NOAA and Scripps wave conditions and forecasts; buoy and satellite, ocean swell statistics; free surf cams; global surf reports and much more. You can find the good surf, before you go, or wifi SurfersD on the road. It's free and we're adding more surf reports, surf cams and forecasts,  monthly.
Friends from around the world are reporting changes in coastal conditions, surf-break access, government and local attitudes toward surfers, coastline places to stay and eat, transportation and many more elements we need to know to make surf travel work. It's easy to plan ahead with all the surf news sources on SurfersD. If you aren't a regular visitor to Global Surf News, Surfers' Village or an e-zine that is focused specifically on your destination, please try these surfing magazines and sites in our E-ZINE RACK. You can go from one to the next as easy as back-paging to the rack and clicking up the next magazine of interest.
New foam, resins, kevlar, carbon fiber, epoxy, designs, and accessories demand that we access the information and materials to make or choose and repair our surfboards. SurfersD has devoted a section to surfboard designs, materials and repairs. If you're new to surfing, you may be unaware that materials and designs based on new technology went through a fast paced renaissance when urethane foam blanks became scarce, just a few years ago. There are surfboards being made now, that will withstand a hard blow with no visible damage. And there are a wide range of flex and rebound patterns available to choose from plus plenty more considerations. SurfersD will keep adding the latest information to our design and repair section.
The world has surfed for thousands of years in kayaks, canoes, skins stretched on hoops, flat pieces of wood and inflated gut. Other than life or death events, it's almost always some combination of fish-back-in-water experience, adrenaline high, physical harmony thrill, suspended time, and more stuff that is best called "stoke" and dump the words. If you have only surfed the metaphor or tried surfing long ago and you love the seashore, make some time for this gift the Hawaiians developed to a high art and joy. The members of SurfersD take pleasure in passing the stoke.    Aloha, e he'e nalu 'oli.
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